Hi! I'm Sos, an indie video game developer. Welcome to my website! You can find out lots of cool stuff here. Like, for example how to cook a chicken using a flint and toliet paper! Also, this is a lie. Cheers!
“i... love... your... work... nuff\'said”
~ Lazy Lion
“the background game looks like robot unicorn attac”
~ Lazy Lion
“why don\'t you release the game in the background?”
~ Lazy Lion
“your games are incredible i applaud your efforts.”
~ SalmonDancer
“Epic site is Epic”
~ AClockWorkLemon
“Is the background a game you\'re developing?”
~ Lazy Lion
“sweeeeeeeeeeet internet site dawg!”
~ snoop
~ Gundead
“The game in the background looks awesome.”
~ Wolfos
“That was the best looking resume I\'ve ever seen”
~ Wolfos
~ Svetlana
“you spelt toilet wrong”
~ tomutwit
“This is a comment.”
~ Comment writer
“nothing important here”
~ Tr3nT
~ jo
“Anal Bone”
~ McPixel
“Anal Bone”
~ McPixel
~ helloboy
~ Blood
“the fox died like a thousand times”
~ higor
“I clicked here and added a comment!”
~ MixxxmasterMac
“Mousewheel makes fox jump!”
~ Woah
“You man, are a genius”
~ Cap\'n
“You surely spent a lot of Effort in designing this”
~ Niautanor
“the poor fox died so many times”
~ Anthony
~ Notch
“spent 5 mins trying to make the fox not die”
~ Dolphincat
“Yay! C64 games!”
~ Back to the future
“are there controls?”
~ osu
“Why does this box steal my words?”
~ Zewl
“Nice work man :)”
~ Zewl
~ crazyfan
“I wonder how many of these he wrote himself ;)”
~ Anonymous
“Needs moar bacon.”
~ Silver
“I believe it\'s pronounced resumé.”
~ Bob
“You are awesomesos! /pun”
~ Me
“me gusta”
~ Josh
“what is going on here”
~ inthedark
“Kills foxes & doesn\'t afraid of anything.”
~ Anonymous
~ Tortango
“Your ad here!”
~ Beefy
“how do i play the game in the bg”
~ cool
“Wow... cool background”
~ Shado
“I want to control the lion cub thing!”
~ Ahmed
~ ssd
“Witam polaków ;)”
“Witam polaków ;)”
“does this really work?”
~ paturata
“I can write stuff.”
~ Trifær
“Laggy :(”
~ Ken
“lets feltch!”
~ gaymer
“SoS is a deadset legend!”
~ kyle
~ jhgj
“This site is cool. Yeah. WOO!”
~ Alex Rose
“How do you control the character?”
~ >_>
~ fabmin
~ Tony
“how do I controk the character?”
~ don
~ Mr Fox
~ sos
“Mousewheel controls jumps”
~ jd
“nice site make it interactive though”
~ matt
“This is so cool!!”
~ skrillecks
“I Figured Out The Controlls:: Mouse Wheel UP Jump!”
~ nandayo
~ ギャル子
“Wait...what? I don\'t even...”
~ Blaine
“Your mother needs fletching!”
~ Hakksel
“mosewheel:up makes fox jump-down makes fox go down”
~ gamemanj
“Hi sos, I like to play games”
~ Kitsune
“If your reading this, fuck you.”
~ Yo Mama
“Who reads all these comments anyway?”
~ Eelfroth
“Did you know: \'sos\' is a common youtube poop word.”
“I love the smell of asbestos”
“Apparently, the background is controlled by scroll”
~ Wolfos
“I beat Furball Safari in under 10 minutes!”
~ slaughtrr
~ kp
“You can\'t control me!”
~ Mr Fox
“I like pizza”
~ PizzaMan
“i have been reading the comments of the last 5 min”
~ nolife
~ Mat
“Will you ever offer Amazon Payments?”
~ Jeff
“This guy owes me 20 bucks.”
~ Mark
~ take a dump
“You know what ? ... I\'m happy !”
~ Droopy
“how do you download mcpixel”
~ mr pixel
“I wonder if you can control that fox guy?”
~ Phill
“Onk onk onk!”
~ r\'m
“pozdro sos”
~ dom
“Ah, you can play the game by pressing Alt+f4!”
~ SnoopLion
“Ah, you can play the game by pressing Alt+f4!”
~ SnoopLion
“Comment of the year!”
~ Comment committee
“We Love EVERY aspect of this site! Great Job!”
“I love this comment idea. I should steal it.”
~ Super Bathing Attitu
“I cant fit our damn name. - Super Bathing Attitude”
~ Super Bathing FU
“how to dl mcpixel man!”
~ confused
“sos is a cool guy”
~ yep
“is the background game playable?”
~ Derp
“Is the background game playable?”
~ Derp
“Do or do not, there is no \"try\"!”
~ Paulo Coelho
~ lon
“per aspera ad astra”
~ tachi_pl
“Farts are full of hazardous gasses”
~ Fartman with a plan
~ Player
~ qfwqwf
“fuck the world”
~ satan
“This is awesome, love the Background game”
~ Dan
“I Dunno.”
~ Yo Momma
“you dont download mcpixel. you buy it. CHEAPSKATE”
~ Person
“This is the greatest thing ever”
~ Albert Einstein
“You are tearing me apart, Lisa!”
~ Johnny
“uh ya I\'d like my stuff back, k thx.”
~ Hello?
~ jonathan
~ Big Smoke
“The fox explodes when it walks into a wall!”
“Byłem tu!”
~ Focus
“I am a faggot. Faggot faggot faggot”
~ Faggot
“hi bro”
~ kid
“How to play!!!”
~ Me
~ lol`ler
“que pinga es esto”
~ basu
“I lost my dildo yesterday. Found it? Call me!”
~ 535-214-211
“The ghetto isn\'t big enough 2 hold dis guy”
~ biggie
“That´s what”
~ She
~ iksde
~ 19
~ z
“who to control the fox”
~ vboo
“fox likes to die”
~ buu
~ Elias
“Can I have sex with you?”
~ Niggahater
“I want to have sexy time with you.”
~ Borat
“That stupid fox is dead on the background”
~ Me
“ya bon les comments”
~ sheep
~ piewdiepie
“yeah suck my dick”
~ hans
“McPixel loves those PS3s.”
~ The Fox
“Fuck yea...”
~ the Yea man
“Hit the button!!!”
~ Just do it
~ M!
“Holy Crap it\'s SOS”
~ lolol
“This reminds me og SMW!”
~ VIrizion
“this site is great”
~ Izrael
“I dont touch my self like i used too..”
~ Gunga Din
“I dont touch myself like i used too”
~ Gunga Din
~ Whale
“Use me to make fox jump.”
~ Mousewheel
“Hey Everyone Suck for a Buck?”
~ TizzyT
“Hey hans that will be 1$”
~ TizzyT
~ !
“why not”
~ cock
“is this a search?”
~ test
“dtf :)”
~ jeffery d.
“Will down, looks like a great game :)”
~ Logan
“lol sucks”
~ amazona
“SOS, you are the best thing that\'s ever happened.”
~ Your Fan
“Very funny”
~ George
“Like a anal”
~ Anal Player
“Русские правят миром! :)”
~ блеать
“Awesome stuff!”
~ Penjuin
“I love your game it has bombs in it”
~ Hitler
~ capslockguy
“Is any of this even real?”
~ bb
~ usa
“i cannot save this fox”
~ dmj
“how do i play, and can i haz a cheeseburger?”
~ bnbn
“we do”
~ poomonkey
~ sf
“Where am i?”
~ Kopas
~ ll
“Sos rules!”
~ Coier
~ pedro
~ fdff
~ fdff
“Mouse wheel up/down to control the fox”
~ Coire
“Mouse wheel up/down to control the fox”
~ Coire
~ d
~ SK83R
~ ohai
~ D:
“Fuck this! Oh wait...”
~ Shit
~ Markski
~ wtf
“Hi mom!”
~ TV camera dude
“help me i dont know how many characters I\'m allowe”
~ beast master
“kiss me”
~ ebill
“ALT+F4 will show controls!”
~ Desu
~ polo
~ mao
~ omfg
~ sdf
“My balls itch.”
~ TouchEmYo
“Sos, you are amazing!”
~ fan?
“Sos, you are amazing!”
~ fan?
~ e
~ e
~ e
~ e
~ e
~ e
~ e
~ e
~ e
~ e
~ e
“i don\'t read it”
~ son
“Your games are awesome, don\'t stop making them!”
~ Paweł
“nanananananananananananananana batman”
~ Batman
~ die pixel fox
~ Jade
“I feel like we should all meet.”
~ chicken
~ lol
“This website make me moist”
~ WTFplayer
~ tagerr
“how do I jump?”
~ pellepirate
“Epic shit!”
~ epico
~ bgh
“mario dejavu”
~ T
“This is the shiz-nattle!”
~ Game Reviewer People
“plz call me aguerra@sjnma.org”
~ Arturo Guerra
“Launch fox. Explode. Fox 2. Explode. Fox 3...”
~ asdf
“I want to be able to play the fox.”
~ Albert
“Thanks for the code Sos!”
~ Dominic
~ ololol
“Needs more dragons and shiet.”
~ NoobGuy_The_NoobGuy
~ Mr.Fox
“I\'m supposed to be writing an essay dangit.”
~ procrastinator
“Hurr !”
~ Durr
~ Penisman
“Mousewheel to prevent me from dying”
~ Fox
“Mousewheel to prevent me from dying”
~ Fox
~ wisit
“How the f*** do you move the figure? ^^”
~ poooooork
~ a
“any way to make the fox jump?”
~ goat
~ Mcpixel
~ defak
~ isabel 10
“Fuck Yea For Poland!”
~ KubaPL
~ KubaPL
“Exploding animals. An essential part of any prod.”
~ Morden
“Nice game”
~ noooooooo
~ DinoBeawr
“whats a chicken”
~ wat
~ Carbol
“Destructiod?! FTW!!!”
~ nope
“Sos, show me your true Soslsa!!”
~ Dancer Kirk Colbain
“Controls are pressing equ”
“poor lion :(”
~ lolol
“poor lion :(”
~ lolol
“C U on PGA!”
~ Threef
“Lubimy to!”
~ Appacz.net
~ rock
“kurwa dupa cycki”
~ Polak
~ cipa
“Eat a dude\'s dick?”
~ Truethat
“Podziwiamy cię sosie”
~ JustShoot.pl
“Teach a man to fish, and you\'ll be called gay”
~ Je m\'appelle
“Scroll the fox up !”
~ ze_ninja
~ Fox
“Doin your mum”
~ Nigger
“you\'re an evil man”
~ Hazuki
~ 4124
~ kl
“Zapomniałeś stripslashować”
~ kubukoz
“Yes, faggots, the background game is Mario. Jerks”
~ kubukoz
~ lol
“fatality the shit”
~ :]-[=[
“Probably the best dev ever”
~ BlackHoo4
“A website”
~ Gum
“yolo doesn\'t apply to this... whatever”
~ kubukoz
~ لبيقعغف
~ لبيقعغف
~ لبيقعغف
“How do you write comments?”
~ cardeck
~ jose
~ josee
~ Helpster
~ fcdffggas
“nc fxghagvvg56g bhggggdfgujiofhgmtjrf f9rjguijf”
~ ftehrtttrc
“Ah ta tereska”
~ Tomasz
“Ja pierdole.”
~ WTF?!
~ MxPixel
~ Me
“Tell me your secrets -.-”
~ djdduty
“OP is a faggot”
~ /b/
~ ggfhf
“cool story”
~ bro
~ ffff
~ andi
~ gui
“ale ci dobrze ze obserwuje cie Pewds :P”
~ cipa
~ xD
“next time just ask me to leave and i will”
~ Godmoeder
~ eddy
~ yeah..
“Still better games than most AAA Titles from EA! T”
~ czolko
“Czekam na następne gry godne McPixela!”
~ czolko
“O kurwa to działa!”
~ czolko
~ ?
“i liek toidlez”
~ jonathan
~ Bob Marley
~ sdfghbn
~ sdfgvbnm
“amazing site”
~ panic
“how do i play?”
~ iamcreasy
“mouse scroll”
~ iamcrasy
“Poland strong!”
~ 01004569993
~ aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah
~ aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
“Oh Stop it i cant take it anymore”
~ aaaaah
~ aaaa
~ Space Core
“Sos is a super creative, indie mastermind.”
~ indie(Function);
~ muh dick
~ dfsdfsd
“were you lazy to make the fox thing a game?”
~ Troll
“this game is unplayble”
~ Troll
“fernanda belen”
~ fernanda belen
~ Jack andd the beasn
“make mic pixel freeware sos”
~ Lorinaderwfrs
“make slightly better games”
~ Mitt Romney
“use mouse wheel to control it”
~ SoS
“Why do I have to die sos?”
~ AI
“Poor fox :(”
~ Visitor
“Foz game is cool”
~ none
~ Bitches
“lol i like food”
~ sorrel
“What\'s not to like.”
~ gaben
“Love your games”
~ Mikey
“How do I jump?”
~ The Lion
“I am a kangoroo!”
~ A kangoroo
“Epic Website”
~ Aython
“que hago”
~ mr fox
“Did you try using mouse wheel here yet?”
~ Yellow
“Prepare Your Wallet”
~ Gaben
“commen t”
~ nam e
~ wat
“Its a fox”
~ not a lion
~ jorge
“this is one shitty kitty”
~ man whitout honour
“Read me”
~ Random guy
“How do I even control the fox no other things are”
~ HacksawUnit
“this is a thing”
~ lock
“Hello , I bought Mcpixel but I don\'t know how play”
~ manon
“cool web dood”
~ :3
~ lipper
~ ...
“hey look mom i\'m on tv”
~ moomoohk
“Everlasting exploding puppy simulator”
~ What
“PETA must be mad.”
~ meh
“The blood... All of the blood...”
~ fox
~ oh fuck...
“The platforms have ROUND EDGES! see u in court!”
~ Apple corp.
“That\'s what my healthcare taxes are wasted for?!”
~ Steve the Boar
“I have a name!”
~ Uncle Frank
~ Victor
“This is genius”
~ apples
“I wonder how long it took to make McPixel...”
~ Sock
“I like your games”
~ A. Lincoln
“Abraham Lincoln is STUPID!”
~ George Washington
“i is like :)”
~ mE
“An excellent website”
~ Chef Excellence
“Oh my god the scroll wheel”
~ Fox
“heugh ugh agh agh heugh”
~ Scrublord
~ ...
“the fox”
~ fox
~ gjd
~ nick
~ xcf
~ Honnie daiz
~ Tuke
~ everyone
“How do you make this?”
~ Obama
~ Mr. Anonymous Fox.
~ Anon
“pRESS ctrl+w TO JUMP”
“Real men don\'t need female chromosomes!”
~ Badass
~ ...
“Is this actually playable? what the shit”
~ Dave
“how could this happen”
~ to yi ?
“I love SOS! It\'s a great game.”
~ stupid
~ aha
~ ..
~ Daniel
~ sos
“omg i just discovered this”
~ n00b
~ Kool Aid Man
~ df
“Imma be firing my fucking mahlaz0r that fires milk”
~ penisface
“damn dis sure bleeds alot”
~ slopknoose
~ no
~ no
~ piti6734
“Super Pig Game Made By Sos!”
~ ???
“Poor fox”
~ Teroxis
~ Teroxis
~ Teroxis
“Sos, jesteś zajebisty :D”
~ Tymon
“Good :)”
~ Soczysty
~ EdioS
“My Hero!”
~ Pat Wilken
“Use the scroll wheel to control the fox!”
~ Stop asking already
~ Qtaz
~ Your mom
~ BrakeMan
~ Random guy
“Placki hue”
~ Mothafucka
“Sos you are aweosme!”
~ Columb
“Love you”
~ George Bush
“Jutro kartkówka, ale wole tu siedzieć”
~ skurwiel
“Can you fuck me?”
~ God
“Can you fuck me?”
~ God
~ lol
“The cake is a lie”
~ asdf
“Jesteś pojebany ^^”
~ Pr0
“Tylko Mirko. Pozdrawiam”
~ Tadeusz
“will it work on mac?”
~ dzej
~ pitty
“Hey yo! Yeah, you!”
~ you
“Love me SOS ;-;”
~ Polish Guy
“S.O.S. Stanky Onion Sitter”
~ paizuri
“Shift + Alt + PrintScreen to record video!”
~ Bill Gates
“ding ding ding ring”
~ fox
~ namebilan
~ namebilan
~ Vikas harit
~ Vikas harit
~ Vikas harit
“Scroll the mouse!!”
~ ME
“nice work with McPixek, Sos.”
~ denseacat
“Sounds like Facebook.”
~ Emkiusz
“Ten lis ma dynamit w dupie?”
~ Roger
“Hehe, fajne”
~ Roger
“lubie placki”
~ a ja nie
“Im a human”
~ Guy
“night drive turbo is awesome!”
~ 8Przemek
“How to make fox jump?”
~ Herro?
~ \\Dpsoi
“Jesus? What is it?!”
~ Damian
“Give dynamite to McPixel for birthday guys!”
~ PiekarzPL
~ What
“I live you SOS. I love baked onions! And Potatoes”
~ Cr4xy
“What does the fox”
~ say?
~ huilo
~ Marcius
~ turboptyś
“You are so hilarious!”
~ Redix
~ Lol
~ asd
“Суки как играть”
~ Chlenosos
“Kak igrat suka?”
~ 228
“How to play this fox?”
~ 1UP
“How to play this fox?”
~ 1UP
“dat ass”
~ obama
~ erty
“Riquelme está feliz”
~ Riquelme
~ Cr4xy
“Fuck me!”
~ Dolan
~ hello
“Lol its worth reading all that text just to see th”
~ Entity
“sos sux”
~ hater
“can you play this fox game?”
~ some guy
“How to make the fox jump?”
~ answr pls
~ Filip
“Hey there sexy”
~ You
“I know you want my body”
~ Charles Xavier
“i haven\'t got a life”
~ you
“najlepszy sos !!!”
~ pasik
“polak potrafi”
~ dsfh
“thx alt+f4 works!!!”
~ sss
~ lolz
~ aaaaaa
~ aaaaaa
~ aaaaaa
~ aaaaaa
~ teroxis
“you are awesome man”
~ Ky
“i see”
~ wat u dd there
~ Ky
~ Barney
~ Barney
~ Purple Dinosaur
~ PurpleDinosaur
~ Purple Dinosaur
“garsh darnit”
~ asdgfhkhdfioe
~ Fox
“wat the fox say--”
~ shut up, he\'s deadd
~ Ky
~ Ancella
“the clouds are happy”
~ .
~ asddfghjkl
“the clouds are happy”
~ dem clouds
~ r/trees
“What? Really? Whoa!”
~ John
“Free advertising! Eat at Mc”
~ Donalds
“Fireflies best game ever”
~ Jakub Z.
~ 1
~ 1
~ 13
“Poor fox :c”
~ :c
~ albert
“Jestem z Polski xD”
~ Jam
“Respect the pic order”
~ Alber einstein
“poland motherfuckers”
~ fucker
“My body is ready”
~ Me
“Holy shit! I can do godlike crap!”
~ Jesus
“Not enough elves”
~ Nomad
“I am gay”
~ Sos
~ Horse
~ TX
~ 123
~ 5625362
“this website is evil”
~ chungus
“probably better than Half-Life 3”
~ TotalBiscuit
~ ssir
“to jump”
~ czomo
~ a
~ Kapitan Guwienko
“MC pxel the bets”
~ adi
“hehe :D”
~ DS
~ hah
“Idiots, use scool!”
~ lol
“My name is Dom Einhorn and I am with Powerclick.co”
~ Dom Einhorn
“I always loved McPixel”
~ Nelson Mandela
“I got a weird boner right now...”
~ Mr. Therapist
“My name is pronounced Kawasaki”
~ Kawasaki
“Is these comments realtime?”
~ sent 21:42 DK time
“That fox though...”
~ Mr. Boner
“ich liebe dich”
~ Adolf Hitler
“Imma pwn u 1v1”
~ WoW4life
“Get to bed now!”
~ Your mon
~ dane
“stay cool man”
~ me
~ butter
~ [ll
“top lel”
~ 4chan
“Surprise buttsecks.”
~ KittyRape
“Sos czasnkowy rulez!”
~ Bienio
~ kitten
“Such blood”
~ Dexter
“Why there is sogos in logo?”
~ :o
“Have you ever had a goat grab you by the scrotum?”
~ Dickless
“Have you ever had a goat grab you by the scrotum?”
~ Crotchless
~ vbcrhfsd
“nanonachines, son”
~ senator armstrong
~ YoMomma
~ Murloc
~ yay
“You Suck!”
~ Murloc
“pew pew”
~ slavka
“Czo ten Sos?”
~ asrv
“pozdrawiam mame i tate”
~ admund
“aaaa; drop table comments”
~ hihihi
~ sonic
~ sadasd
~ fox
“Sos is Boss”
~ Boss Identifier 3000
“The sun says \"SOGOS\". Is that Sos\' secret alias?”
~ Incredulous coolguy
~ 589968*
~ 589968*
~ 589968*
~ 589968*
“HI ;)”
~ MindHunter
“you are right, chicken”
~ fox
“how do I play this?”
~ Lel
“That\'s What”
~ She
“Butts in Space”
~ Jib
~ sergio
~ ?
“\" \" \" \" \" \"”
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
“love hugs”
~ pg
“Umbra Iz Kewl”
~ Umbra
“Hpw tp make the fox jump?”
~ anser plez
“Night Driveeer”
~ geoextra
“Nakurwiaj do nas!”
~ twuj stary
~ Putin
“You spin me right”
~ Round
~ Hodor
“This website is mine now”
~ Putin
“Why you killed this beatifull fox”
~ Fox mom
“Please no more diddlers for today THANKS!”
~ Lord Fancy Pants
~ CJ
~ nasos
~ nasos
~ nasos
~ Makar
“no thankyou”
~ pootis
~ hi
~ wtf
“hi goat”
~ predator
“Jump stupid dog!”
~ blood
~ 123
~ Emilio
~ sos
“v,bçv~vv ;bv;b ,vlçkn lghujnio”
~ l gçlnjvgofpd
~ h
“I like turtles”
~ Fish
“Suscribe to ZarfyStudios”
~ Bill Gates
“why do you exist”
~ PancakeGrill
“What is this sorcery of a website?”
~ AnIcePerson
“It depends on the way you look at it.”
~ Yes
~ Yes
~ Yes
~ No
~ Yes.
“Best polish indies”
~ InSpe
“Jest dobrze w luj”
~ Bonus
~ 453345
~ mt
“That animal keeps dying, PETA will be here soon”
~ eee
~ wa
“wats tis”
~ wew
“There\'s a way to jump?”
~ H
“is K”
~ Me
“Good developer.”
~ Ty
“What the hell are you talking?”
~ Remal
~ zjeb
“have u played divinity original sin yet?”
~ shwaggier
~ tiago
“How do I play this dog game?”
~ Confused Man
“Wanna smell my weener? He\'s horny!”
~ Your father
~ coincoin
~ 0*o*ı90ı*o
~ g8yg9h80j**
~ jby8ıgu8h89j
“You dont\'t”
~ answer guy
“how do i controol that fox”
~ niggers
~ f
~ wat
~ wat
~ wat
~ wat
~ wat
~ wat
~ wat
~ wat
~ wat
“Ja pierdole.”
~ WTF?!
“I want to move the animal :(”
~ Ahmed
“how do you pie”
~ idk
“How do I comment?”
~ What is name?
“s tooo laggggg”
~ aaaaaaaaa
“Glory to Arstotzka.”
~ Inspector
“~ That Guy That Can\'t Tell If It\'s Name Or Comment”
~ \"It\'s a great websi\"
“Anyone tried zooming out?”
~ Ctrl + +
“McPixel is Wtf good”
~ T9
“I think this is a bit creepy.”
~ Moosepotato
“I have sos autograph”
~ PGA 2014
~ Bigos
“How do you stop the death”
~ sadfox
“Who is the evil spammer”
~ ???
“Who is the evil spammer”
~ ???
“Who is the evil spammer”
~ ???
“Who is the evil spammer”
~ ???
“Who is the evil spammer”
~ ???
“Who is the evil spammer”
~ ???
“Who is the evil spammer”
~ ???
“Who is the evil spammer”
~ ???
“Who is the evil spammer”
~ ???
“Who is the evil spammer”
~ ???
“Who is the evil spammer”
~ ???
“Who is the evil spammer”
~ ???
“Who is the evil spammer”
~ ???
“Who is the evil spammer”
~ ???
“Who is the evil spammer”
~ ???
“Who is the evil spammer”
~ ???
~ Ruffi
“how can I”
~ interact
“Nice background”
~ Gimer
“This website really expands my dong.( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)”
~ Expand dong
“Why can\'t I move this animal?”
~ Thunderer
~ Islam
“Hello all”
~ ~Islam
~ V.Putin
Ludum Dare ended! I'm kind of glad, since I wouldn't survive another day like these... Anyways, my game's ready, and I'm pretty much satisfied with the outcome! Check it out! I wrote an engine that can create separate objects using single maps and an frame based animation system so that all that's left was to draw... Anyways, it's pretty much 8:40 a.m. and my brain needs sleep... Later!
“this is a comment”
~ Kvisle
“Your website is amazingly sexy and i want its baby”
~ @JigxorAndy
“omg w000t lol!”
~ Kitsune
“would be cool if you could sort games by year :)”
~ JohanAR
“That poor fox D:”
~ edg3za
“wat just comment here”
~ getit
“That fox was filled with a lot of blood...”
~ @kranggames
“Woah, neat site! :D”
~ Thirt33n_37
“ooh comments”
~ greg
“You guys are gay.”
~ Jay
~ sargablea
~ muiegutzi
Hey again! I hope some of you actually come and read this every now and then. I will try to message more often from now on. Anyways, I added a link to ghbrvlowabrvfladberogvlwrvfwlo games, i hope you like it! Also, It's like 2 a.m. saturday and I'm writing this. There's something terribly wrong with me. So i'm gonna go grab a beer now. cheers!
~ ciągle ginę
“It\'s a beautiful day to smash against a rock,”
~ ratking
“Lubie placki!”
~ Johnny Bravo
“How does that thing jump?!?!”
~ k00pa
“The wolf puppy got splattered! :(”
~ Jade
Yay! I finally fixed the whole website! The games page is working properly and you can download games from there. Videos and music links link respectively to my soundcloud and youtube accounts. The archive page, is an archive of old posts and comments. I also added a resume page with my approach to writing resumes inside, be sure to check it out! Also, if you are a game inductry tycoon or a HR guy, please hire me, I am pretty awesome, and I make good coffee too. Oh, I almost forgot. I added a facebook 'like' button, but you probably noticed that ayways. And I forgot to put the fox controls somewhere, just use mouse wheel to make him jump or land. later!
“The background reminds me of Mario”
~ Sheep
“How the **** do I keep that.. thing.. alive?”
~ Sheep
“Soo... much... blood...”
~ Solgar
~ eddie
“Biedne zwierzaki.”
~ Lol
“Your tileset lacks inside corners... :(”
~ Mr. Dude
“Bardzo fajna gierka :) - ładny lisek :P”
~ Pawel1503
“Collosion works not well”
~ ShadowDancer
“Use the scroll wheel to get through!”
~ Peppy
“you just lost the game”
~ The Game
“All your base are belong to us”
“Batman is God, I knew it!”
~ Peddlerman
“if keyboard_check_pressed(vk_right){”
~ Derek Yu
“Is this a Game?”
~ Sfernald
“I am a message, just fading in. Soon I will vanish”
~ Comment
Hey again! I added the games page with around 30 games inside! I was pretty much surprised, I never knew I made that many!!! I need to get the resume page yet, but still, I am already satisfied with my website. The website is not ie friendly and will never be! Get a browser! Anyways, back to the games... I managed to reanimate the video game generator and you should try it out if you havent done so already! I also released an unfinished version of my little gem, fireflies. Fireflies is a game where you guide a poor insect through caves and such using a candle! Try it out, and tell me what you think! Oh... it's 2 a.m. already! Later!!!!
“mind, blown.”
~ sol_hsa
“Co zrobic żeby lis przeżył?”
~ Skarga
Hey again! I'm fixing the website here and there and managed to get more stuff working. I'm still working on the sub-pages, so please stay tuned for updates! I should have this ready today! Also, there's a lightweight version of the website that is given to searchbots. Click the 'archive' link to see it! It's not interactive, but it's designed to enable googlebots to read this website. Later!
“cool stuff!”
~ ratking
“fuckin nice :)”
~ dobek
Hai! I think i managed to get the scroller working! Way cool! I hope it's easy to read and you can't skim it ` I also wanted to have images that appear and disappear when i want to. Hover over the picture to zoom. Also, I have no idea whether any of these features will work in ie, but i don't care. Also, I wanted to have clickable links but you shouldn't click this. Well, I should write a blog database handler instead of hardcoding this text, so standby for updates... Oh! You can add a site comment by clicking on the everfading comments on the top-right. I need to add comments to the scroller too. Well, time to go!
“Scroll mouse to control the fox!”
~ Sos
“There is NO canvas here!”
~ Sos
“There is NO flash here!”
~ Sos
“Click me to add a comment!”
~ Sos
“Woo, comments!”
~ Pekuja
“I wish the textfields emptied themselves.”
~ Pekuja
“This game is a total Cave Story ripoff.”
~ Pekuja
~ Yabol
“Lubie smalec”
~ Sos
“There is NO lack of awesomeness here!”
~ 31
“I like cake”
~ fydo
~ Abraham
~ War
“I feel terrible for the poor doggy... :(”
~ Destral
“Zajebiste :D”
~ krzys
“There is no way you are also that guy who made ...”
~ kid56
“Filho de uma vadia”
~ Homer
“What the heck is going on here?”
~ Bo
~ documentsky
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~ saggat
“Best game i\'ve ever seen in my entire life”
~ JesusCrist
~ notrly
“Wut does this do?!?!?!”
~ @@@@@
“Wut does this due?!?!”
~ Wut
~ plop
“This game is too hard. Where is the tutorial?”
~ greenpine
~ Phil
~ BS
“Hello. This site is so cool!”
~ sharavaa
~ SoDoo
~ hi
“what;s this about?”
~ Anar
“is this a game?”
~ kukaracha
“What is it? tell me”
~ Dulguun
“What is it? tell me”
~ Dulguun
“What is it? tell me”
~ Dulguun
“U should use MOUSEWHEEL ..”
~ Dulguun
“Use mousewhel”
~ ddddd
“My pc is good ough to play this game :(”
~ lodylo
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~ Cruse
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~ Pie
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“how to start?”
~ wtf
“The fox keeps killing himself...”
~ odom
“Great game”
~ :D
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“Hello from China !”
~ A big fan
“Had to look in the source to find the controls...”
“I can\'t find my pants”
~ omg
~ !
“how2play? :(”
~ halp
~ chaoss
~ Neresar
~ Corijn
“is there more to the site?”
~ Desrik
~ Desrik
“scroll mouse wheel to jump”
~ desrik
~ ace
~ neilogd
“im am confused!!!”
~ serious!
~ Blob
~ hjh
“Oh my this makes me smile and fart strangely enoug”
~ Liz
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“Slightly laggy but rather cool!”
~ Mika
~ fusion44
“How to keep the dog alive?”
~ noname
~ Danik
“Why play games when you can make them?”
~ HighQuality
“I love this site.”
~ Bear
“Oh god. this is great.”
~ Sweaty Man
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“Did you spot the hidden yoshi?”
~ Nintendo game club
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